AMH Coal Mining Heritage Project 2016-19
NCB Alveley Colliery, formerly The Highley Mining Co. Ltd

Please can you help with the tune to “Highley Coal”and information as to who wrote this song?

Highley Colliery Band members have kindly offered to play it at the final AMH 50th anniversary
of the closure of the mine event at Severn Centre on 1st December.

It would be wonderful to have as many people there to sing it as possible!

We are grateful to Tony and Carol Jones of Highley for donating an original copy of the lyrics to this song

Please contact: Andrea Edwards: (AMH Chairwoman) 01746 862064

Highley Coal

Come near all you people, Iisten to me
I'll teIl you the story of our colliery
AlI mates together, help each other out
If you're ever in trouble just give a shout
Getting up for work at half past four
say Goodbye to your wife at the eottage door
Over the river by the looming slag heap
The miners must work while their families sleep

Highley coal, best, in all the country
Highley coal, best in all the land
Highley coal, best in all the country
The best coal in the country comes from our colliery.

Ghandi checks the cage door and rings the bell
Down into the tunnel, Chicker says that all is well
Cutters there before us say the searn is fine
Packers and Fitters work together down the mine
Dick the Devil one and two hammer in the chocks
“HelIo there Rocky Boning, where's your clogs?”
Time for a break, get your bottle and snap
Ten minutes later it's safe to go back.

Prop up your candle and hammer at the coal
Pile it on the belt, watch the chains as they roll
Dig and heave deep under the ground
Slab and post in case it comes down.
Mumble, Ross and Rabbit work with all their might
Keep a watchful eye to be sure that all is right
Toil,.sweat and choking dust, rumble and roar
Down there in the darkness is the real price of coal.

Original copy of lyrics donated to AMH by Tony and Carol Jones of Highley.